This year’s talks will all be 25-minutes and one track over 2 days. We’re doing this to make it easy to see every talk and have the time to go in-depth offline with the experts on the topics you care about. For talks that require more time, we’ll be distributing whitepapers for attendees to study beforehand. If you want to spend more time with anyone presenting, you’ll have the chance to book an activity that they’ll be leading for the Sunday Fun-Day track.


FRIDAY: BLUE-DAY - 11/8/2019

Instead of our usual Deep Knowledge Seminars we’re dedicating Friday to defensive security talks. Our Blue-Day focus this year will be on:

Hardware Security, Machine Learning, Dev(Sec)Ops, Cryptography, Provers/Solvers, and Other Cutting Edge Techniques to Secure the Gibson


SATURDAY: RED-DAY - 11/9/2019

Saturday will be entirely talks related to offensive security. Our Red-Day focus this year will be on:

Hardware Hacking, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Malware, Vulnerability Discovery, Protocols, and Other Cutting Edge Techniques to Pwn the Gibson

Pass Pricing

Red Blue l33t Double l33t Speaker
Total Passes 50 135 10 5 24
Price $163 $353 $1337 $2674 Speak
Red Track (Sat)
Blue Track (Fri) -
All Add-ons - -
4 Nights at a Hacker Beach House - - -

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