2631759-The-Westin-San-Diego--Hotel-Exterior-14This year’s ToorCon San Diego is offering exclusive 4 days of hands-on training workshops focused on various aspects of computer security.  We’ll be offering 2-4 Day workshops  taking place on Aug 28-31. The Workshops includes meals, hardware, and tools necessary to participate in the workshop (you just supply the laptop). All workshops attendees get admission to the Seminar (Sept 1)  and Conference (Sept 2-3). The workshops are being held at the Emerald Plaza Westin. Online registration only. Registraion is open and closes on Aug 25, 2016.

Workshop Check-in opens at 8:30AM Monday, Aug 28, 2017. Continental breakfast will be provided. If you have trouble finding registration, ask the concierge in the lobby.

Workshop Mon Aug 28 Tue Aug 29 Wed Aug 30 Thu Aug 31
 Advanced Malware Training  $2200 – $2600
 Deeper Investigations for the SOC  $2200 – $2600
 The Hak5 Toolkit Workshop  $2200 – $2600
 Hardware Hacking  $3000 – $3800
 Software Defined Radio  $2600 – $3000

8:30AM – Registration and Breakfast
9:00AM – Session Starts
10:30AM – Morning Break
12:30PM – Lunch Break
3:30PM – Afternoon Break
5:00PM – End Session


Advanced Malware Training – 2Day
Instructor: Josh Stroschein, PhD, VDA Labs

Dive deep into real world malware events. Tear them apart. Unwrap the layers of obfuscation. Find the exploit. Protect your network. Explore exploits kits and ransomware. Join the fun and make the world a little safer. See Syllabus…
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Deeper Investigations for the SOC – 2Day
Instructor: Josh Stroschein, PhD, VDA Labs

This is a great first malware and incident investigations class. The goal of the class is to consider the basic workflow of a typical internal IT security/SOC analyst, but go a number of steps beyond that. Rather than just guess about the severity of a particular security alert, how deep of an investigation is practical in 20min? You’d be surprised. But first you have to get comfortable with all the tools and techniques. That’s what we do in this class.
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The Hak5 Toolkit Workshop – 2Day
Instructor: Rob ‘mubix’ Fuller, Hak5

Learn the ins and outs of renowned information security tools in this two day, hands-­on Hak5 Toolkit class. From wireless auditing with the WiFi Pineapple to clandestine remove access with the USB Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle. This class serves as an introduction to the techniques and best practices of exploiting these pen-testing tools. Using the WiFi Pineapple, students will learn the theory of wireless network operation, how to passively analyze the WiFi landscape, identify targets, configure attacks, and actively monitor and manipulate client traffic. Using the USB Rubber Ducky, students will learn how to effectively employ keystroke injection attacks by writing payloads to exfiltrate data, attain remote access, harvest credentials and brute force smartphone PIN codes. Using the LAN Turtle, students will learn how to maintain persistent remote access into networks using reverse shells as well as employ various man­-in-­the-­middle attacks. Nearly 30 exercises reinforce the theory and best practices taught throughout this class. Students will receive a special Hak5 field kit including print course material and one each of the Hak5 tools; WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle.
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Hardware Hacking Workshop – 4Day
Instructor: Joe Fitzpatrick,

Hardware security analysis differs from software security analysis primarily in the tools and techniques required for the task at hand. However, many security researchers overestimate the learning curve required to begin successfully performing embedded hardware analysis. This training is specifically designed for security researchers who wish to improve their familiarity with hardware security and hardware implementations in particular. The training is built as a set of Capture the Flag (CTF) style assignments designed to familiarize students with common flaws in hardware implementations. In this training, students will learn to develop custom hardware implementations utilizing programmable logic, i.e. Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs). Students will thoroughly understand the advantages of building tools based on programmable logic, understand how hardware implementations are realized and exploit several common hardware security flaws. 
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Software Defined Radio Workshop – 2Day
Instructor: Michael Ossmann, Great Scott Gadgets

The two day Software Defined Radio (SDR) workshop at ToorCon is an introduction to digital signal processing, software radio, and the powerful tools that enable the growing array of SDR projects within the hacker community. This course takes a unique “software radio for hackers” approach, building on the participants’ knowledge of computer programming and introducing them to the forefront of digital radio technology. Participants will learn how to transmit, receive, and analyze radio signals and will be prepared to use this knowledge in the research of wireless communication security.
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