This year’s ToorCon will feature a few different contests and events. Please check here for more details and notify the contest organizers if you wish to participate so they have a better idea of how many people will show up.



As many of you heard, Hacker Jeopardy — the longstanding (in)famous competition at DefCon — is now going National. There are to be 9 qualifying rounds at conferences across the country (world?), and ToorCon 20 is the first step in this mighty journey! This is your chance to show off your big geek brain, and possibly make it to finals in Vegas at DefCon 27, next August. Grab a few friends (or even a smart stranger or two), and set up your team now!

THE NUMBER OF TEAMS WILL BE LIMITED, so get your application in now.

Information you need to include: Team name, exactly 3 players (handles and real names [we protect]) with cell and e-mail so we can contact you, and why you should play.

Fill out the entry form to reserve a slot for your team! [Alternatively, you can submit an email to, but try the form first.]

NOTE: All drinking player MUST be 21 or over. IDs will be confirmed and double-confirmed prior to play.


Contest – TC:CTF

The TC:CTF will use a Jeopardy style board with challenges for folks who are trying it out for their first time to experienced CTFers. Challenges will span many domains including web hacking, system hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, and crypto. You can sign up onsite and you can follow us on twitter at @ToorconCTF .  Winners will receive crisp high fives!


Event – Lockpicking Village

The Lockpicking Village is a special area where attendees can learn about locks, safes, and physical security. Attendees are given hands-on training with lockpicking, safecracking, and many other methods of attack. Some features of the village:

* Practice locks of varying difficulty to test your skills
* Safe and vault locks for those who want to try safecracking
* Collection of high security locks from around the world
* Mini-lectures throughout the weekend on various topics

This year’s lockpicking village is brought to you by


Contest – The Box
by datagram

The Box is a mini-contest hosted inside the Toorcon Lockpicking / Tamper-Evident Village. The premise is simple: defuse a bomb! Make a mistake and get blown up. Don’t worry, you can respawn at the back of the line. The Box is an extremely realistic EOD challenge that will test your skills against a variety of traps, alarms, and tamper-evident sensors.

Official Rules:

    • * Do not cut any wires or remove any tape. The Box will instantly kill you in 99.9% of these situations and you’ll force the TEV staff to waste time making repairs.


    • * If Rule #1 isn’t explicit enough, do not cause any permanent damage or modification to The Box.


    • * Two players form a team; signups start on Friday in the TEV. Only team members can be near The Box during your run.


    • * You are not provided any tools. What sort of EOD tech doesn’t bring tools? The Box can be beat with less than $5 of easily acquired equipment.


    * If you blow up, stop what you’re doing and step back from the box. You’re dead. Please don’t make us install the dye packs and flashbangs (seriously).

Please let datagram know if you have any questions. Good luck to all those who compete!


Contest – SOHOpelessly Broken

SOHOpelessly Broken, presented by Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), is back at ToorCon for our second year! We have expanded the contest to not only include SOHO routers, but other types of IoT devices such as network storage systems, cameras, and IP enabled toys!

Track 1: This is an at-con capture the flag style contest where contestants will be pitted against 15+ off-the-shelf IoT devices, hardened, but with known vulnerabilities. Contestants must identify weaknesses and exploit these devices to gain control. Pop as many as you can over the weekend to win.

Track 2: This is a surprise contest that will take place at random times throughout the conference.

Track 3: Hack shop area for people to actively hack and collaborate on selected devices..



As all of the conference attendees roll into town, please come join us for a appetizers and drinks at the ToorCon Friday Night Reception. Meet up with old friends and make a few new ones! Afterwards, enjoy the dining and late night experiences San Diego’s Gas Lamp District has to offer. And don’t forget to thank your sponsor: SalesForce!



We’re back again for another year of fun. We have an entire establishment to hang out at, drinks, great DJs, and plenty of fun. Pay attention during the Con for more information and all of the details! Event sponsored by: Qualcomm!