The Conference portion of ToorCon San Diego will kick off with a reception on Friday Night, Sept 14th and will be followed by one day of 50 minute talks and a second day of 20 minute talks. Online registration closes on September 2, 2018. Tickets can still be purchased at the door. Our pricing schedule is listed below:

Round 1 $120 150
Round 2 $180 150
Door Rate $220 300


Preliminary Lineup

Our CFP is closing shortly, but until then we’d like to give you a sneak peak at the talks we’ve already accepted. If you haven’t already submitted a talk, please do so before Friday, August 17th!

Keynote: Simple Nomad

From FAR and NEAR: Exploiting Overflows on Windows 3.x
Jacob Thompson

Yet Another IoT Hack
Joshua Meyer

Reversing Ethereum Smart Contracts
Patrick Ventuzelo

Introducing – IMDB For Hacker Cons
Tom Samstag

IoT Botnets: The Crux of “Internet of Things” Chaos!
Aditya K Sood

Finding secrets in source code with TruffleHog

Integrated security testing

Dissection of WebAssembly module
Patrick Ventuzelo

An Inconvenient Truth
Soya Aoyama

Following a Trail of Confusion
Josh Stroschein

Anatomy of ICS Disruptive Attacks
Joe Slowik

Ransomware versus Cryptojacking: Latest Trends in Modern Malware
Pranshu Bajpai

Shining a light on a black box: Reverse engineering proprietary protocols in Embedded devices
Rick Ramgattie