Hacking and Reverse Engineering Industrial Control Systems with DOSBox

The reality of finding MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, etc as the controlling operating system on many industrial and SCADA control systems is all too common. To most, these systems have become a lost art that confounds those who are tasked with supporting these, unless the machine or system is under service agreement. Having systems with these operating systems is a huge threat to your infrastructure. This presentation will provide solutions for enumerating and dealing with legacy platforms including discovery, reverse engineering, emulation, and thoughts on new technology.

d4rkm4tter has a degree in Computer Science with emphasis on computer security. He has 9 years industry experience which ranges from running Internet companies (ISP and SaaS), consulting for government agencies, designing/implementing SCADA/Industrial Control systems for transit, commercial to now working with Sylarus Technologies where he is primarily focused on improving antiquated hardware and software as well as protecting intellectual property and the manufacturing machines. He is passionate hacker who is focused on innovation.