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Preliminary Lineup Announced!

We just announced our preliminary lineup of talks for ToorCon 15, go check it out!


Peach Fuzzer: Effective Fuzzing – New!
Michael Eddington

Advanced Mobile Hacking Workshop
Aditya Gupta & Subho Halder

3D Printing Workshop

Software Defined Radio Workshop – Sold Out!
Michael Ossmann

Deep Knowledge Seminars

Defeating Spread Spectrum Communication with Software Defined Radio
Michael Ossmann

Firmware attacks, Copernicus, and You
Xeno Kovah


BREACHing SSL, one byte at a time
@PradoAngelo & @GluckYoel

Multiplexed Wired Attack Surfaces
Michael Ossmann & Kos

x86 Rewriting: Beating Binaries into Submission

Traffic Interception and Remote Mobile Phone Cloning with a Compromised CDMA Femtocell
Doug DePerry & Andrew Rahimi

The Outer Limits: Hacking a Smart TV
Aaron Grattafiori

So you ZMAP’d the internet. Now what?
Paul McMillan

Data Leaking in Next Generation Cars
Christie Dudley / Valkyrie

Clowntown express, interesting bugs and running a bug bounty program
Collin Greene

Are you a Janitor or a Cleaner?
John “geekspeed” Stauffacher / Matthew “mattrix” Hoy

I Can Haz DarkNet & MeshNet Best Practices? : Helping making better decentralized networks, one beer at a time.
Drew Redshift Porter

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Ad-Hoc Static Code Analysis

Let the Hackers Learn
John Irwin

TPMS Report
Jared Boone

Death by Numbers: Scalable Mobile Malware Heuristics
David Shaw

Managing your pentest data with Kvasir

Rickrolling your neighbors with Google Chromecast
Dan “AltF4” Petro

Making Attacks Go Backwards

Hacking and Reverse Engineering Industrial Control Systems with DOSBox

Bypassing FireEye
AverageJoe / Joe Giron

PeachFuzz Workshop Announced!

Fuzzing is the technique of finding flaws and vulnerabilities in solutions through the mutation of data. This technique is a preferred way of both defenders and attackers to discover vulnerabilities in a system. The Peach Fuzzing Framework is the most widely used fuzzing system. Researchers, corporations, and governments use Peach to find vulnerabilities in systems. Peach was designed to fuzz any type of data consumer from servers to embedded systems. Peach is a cross platform system running on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

This class will focus on the latest release of Peach 3 and is taught by Michael Eddington the creator of Peach.

You will learn to create both dumb and smart fuzzers and apply these concepts and tools to their unique environment. The course is designed to be student-centric, hands-on, and lab intensive. On day one the Peach Fuzzing Framework is introduced from a practitioner’s perspective. You will learn how to use Peach to fuzz a variety of targets including network clients & servers, file consumers, and API interfaces such as COM. On the second day you will develop and run fuzzers against different targets mutating data and collecting crashes.

TC:SD Peach Fuzzing + Seminar