2631759-The-Westin-San-Diego--Hotel-Exterior-14This year’s ToorCon San Diego is offering three exclusive 2-day hands-on training workshops focused on various aspects of computer security. The workshops will be taking place on October 21nd-22nd and include meals, hardware, and tools necessary to participate in the workshop (you just supply the laptop). We are also offering a discount when you register for both the workshops and the seminars. All workshops attendees get admission to the Conference. The workshops are being held at the Emerald Plaza Westin. Our pricing schedule is listed below:

Cut Off Date Conference Price
Sept 5th $1500-$2000
Oct 19 $1950-$2600
At the Door $2250-$3000

Check-in opens at 8:30AM Wednesday, October 21, 2015. The workshops are taking place on the 13th floor in the Office Tower at the Emerald Plaza (use the office tower elevators on the other side of the building from the hotel lobby). Continental breakfast will be provided. If you have trouble finding it, ask the concierge or the office tower security desk in the lobby.

Hardware Hacking Workshop
Instructor: Dmitry Nedospasov,
Register: Workshop + Seminar

Hardware security analysis differs from software security analysis primarily in the tools and techniques required for the task at hand. However, many security researchers overestimate the learning curve required to begin successfully performing embedded hardware analysis. This training is specifically designed for security researchers who wish to improve their familiarity with hardware security and hardware implementations in particular. The training is built as a set of Capture the Flag (CTF) style assignments designed to familiarize students with common flaws in hardware implementations. In this training, students will learn to develop custom hardware implementations utilizing programmable logic, i.e. Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs). Students will thoroughly understand the advantages of building tools based on programmable logic, understand how hardware implementations are realized and exploit several common hardware security flaws. See Syllabus…


Bluetooth Hacking Workshop
Instructor: Mike Ryan & Dominic Spill
Register: Workshop + Seminar

An introduction to the Bluetooth communications protocols, exploring the way that they differ from other wireless technologies, how they can be monitored, interfered with and the security implications of using them. Students will learn how Bluetooth devices hide from and discover one another, establish a connection and communicate. We will then look at how we may exploit this process and the best practices for securing devices. Each student will receive an Ubertooth One, USB Bluetooth dongle and a Bluetooth device to experiment with. See Syllabus…


Software Defined Radio Workshop
Instructor: Michael Ossmann, Great Scott Gadgets
Register: Workshop + Seminar

The two day Software Defined Radio (SDR) workshop at ToorCon is an introduction to digital signal processing, software radio, and the powerful tools that enable the growing array of SDR projects within the hacker community. This course takes a unique “software radio for hackers” approach, building on the participants’ knowledge of computer programming and introducing them to the forefront of digital radio technology. Participants will learn how to transmit, receive, and analyze radio signals and will be prepared to use this knowledge in the research of wireless communication security. See Syllabus…